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Enabling Girls and Young Women To Thrive

I collaborate with organisations and individuals whose interest is in advancing the rights of girls and women. I am a public speaker, a fashion designer and founder of Catwalk To Freedom, a not for profit working on ending child marriage in South Sudan. Currently based in Horten, Norway.

My Story

I believe that there is immense potential lying in girls. The potential needs awakening.

Past experiences- in some way- influence much of my decisions. I am a South Sudanese-born lady whose upbringing was in the United States of America. I was raised in an extended family that gave me joy and pain. The joy of learning from multiple personalities and the pain of facing that which no child should be subjected to.

At fourteen, I came head-on with child marriage. Having a South Sudanese background, I knew that the practice existed- only I never anticipated it would be here (in the States). I was sure that that was not what I wanted. I ran away from home. Fortunately or unfortunately, I returned. At sixteen, I fell victim to forced marriage. The marriage would be to someone I did not know. For the second time, I fled home. The police found and returned me to my family- which, instead of protecting my interests was trying to end them. After returning, I decided to live alone.

Like me, there are millions of girls across the globe going through what I went through in childhood. Having survived this hardship, I knew I had to take action against child or forced marriages- that girls no longer have to fall subject to such harm regardless of their circumstances.

In 2016, I established a fashion label- House of Bany- to provide work opportunities to young women. In the subsequent year, I cofounded Catwalk to Freedom. This not-for-profit uses fashion and film to combat child and forced marriage in South Sudan.


Percentage of girls forced into marriage before their 18th birthday in South Sudan.

In South Sudan alone, 52% of girls are married before their eighteenth birthday. Early and forced marriages are at alarming rates. That percentage could have included me. I am passionate about fighting child marriage because I believe that all children should not be deprived of their childhood. They need protection. I think that to address vicious cycles of poverty and illiteracy; there is a need to empower girls to access education and growth opportunities. I believe that there is immense potential lying in girls. The potential needs awakening. Being a mother, an activist and an entrepreneur, I believe in taking a risk to create this change. My vision is a society that offers no tolerance to early, child and forced marriages. They can be eradicated.

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