Enabling girls and young women to thrive.

Hello. My name is Nyagoa Nyuon. I am on a mission to make sure no girl is left behind. I design, develop and curate experiences that unlock opportunities for girls and young women.

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Thematic Focus

Enabling access to education for girls, women's rights, antiracism and trauma healing.

I am a public speaker, founder and creative director with over fifteen years of work experience in creating opportunities for girls, uplifting women and building harmonious communities.


Unlocking opportunities for girls and young women.


Scholarships Raised

Ensuring survivors of child/forced marriages have equitable access to quality education.


Advocacy Campaigns

Creating awareness and advancing the rights of women around the world.


Audience Reach

A global audience reach through campaigns and public speaking fora.



Empowering young women to reclaim their narrative and unlock pathways to dignified living.

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Public Speaking

Are you seeking a skilled speaker and facilitator who can bring passion, expertise, and a global perspective to your event? Look no further! I have a proven track record of delivering engaging and informative. With experience facilitating events worldwide, I am thrilled to collaborate with you to make your next event a success. Let's collaborate to create an unforgettable experience that will inspire, inform, and energize your audience.


My extensive experience in conducting research on sensitive and important topics such as girls' rights and inclusion has given me a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved. I specialize in conducting research in Africa and Norway, working closely with local organizations and individuals to bring about meaningful change through our findings. To learn more, book a discovery call with me.

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